Diamonds are formed from the bottom of the earth which is derived by the thermal energy, and surface pressures in the earth 100 million years ago. In each generation, the beauty, and durability, the diamond used as a symbol that symbolizes: love, hope, and immortality.

Before you buy a diamond according to your expectations, there are some characteristics that you need to know, through 4C.

1. Carat

Weight size of the diamond is measured in carats. Size is a major factor in determining the value of a diamond, and the second factor is the scarcity of the diamond type, so in choosing a diamond, one should choose based on the size of the best.

2. Color

The beauty of a diamond is determined also the beauty of color. Diamond color levels ranging from “D to Z”, which produces a yellow light. Differences subtlety of color in diamond can be seen accurately.

3. Clarity

Diamond like natural stones, because diamonds have a unique internal characteristics. Several factors support the clarity of diamonds, among other things: quality, size, color, and position of the internal features. Using 10 x magnification. The clarity of a diamond is based on a scale ranging from Flawless “(FL) to Included (I).

4. Cut

With the cutting process, diamond can be transformed into various forms, but a variety of diamond shapes are determined by the selection of personality. Whatever the form, diamonds are also cut by the right proportions, so it will display the amount of brightness, and the value of quality improvement.

Tips On Caring For Your Diamond

Your diamond jewellery needs occasional care and attention. Store your diamond separately in its own box, because diamond can scratch each other , as well as other gems and jewelry.

a. Cleaning

To clean your diamond jewelry from greas, first immerse it in a pan of warm soapy water. Then, gently brush. Finally, rinse it well under warm running water, and then pat it dry with a soft cloth to keep it sparkle forever.

b. Professional Care

It is good idea to take your diamond jewelry to your jeweler every six months. The jeweler will inspect it to make sure that the prongs are still tight, and are holding the diamond securely in the setting.


Gold is a precious metal from the transition: trivalent and univalent yellow shiny, soft, and easily forged. Gold is composed of various mineral elements such as: quartz, carbonate, tumalin, flourpar, as well as a number of other supporting minerals.

Gold is formed through a process of magmatism, or the concentration at the surface. In the all-time gold is used as:

a medium of exchange in the field of monetary, jewelry, and electronics. To determine the quality characteristics of real gold, we can see the explanation below:

1. The original gold does not stick when in contact with a magnet.
2. Not cause itching / skin infection.
3. Not a loud sound when placed.

Gold used as jewelry due to beautify themselves, and show the existence of the social status of the owner. Normally gold jewelry to be shaped into many forms, such as: ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, etc. are adjusted desires wearer.


Pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissues of molluscs living. Pearls consist of calcium carbonate in the form of crystals that have been saved in layers – layers konsentris. Characteristic than ideal pearl, which is sized perfectly round shape, and smooth. In the era of modernization pearls used as jewelry, beauty equipment, and drugs – drugs.

Pearls used in the manufacture of jewelry, because pearls are natural gemstones, with high quality, and provide beauty for its users, in addition to the pearls are believed to bring good luck, guard honor, and radiates a positive aura for women.


Platinum group metals are the rarest in the layer of earth. The name platinum is derived from the Spanish language, namely Platinum, which means “little silver. Platinum is usually found together with other metals, such as iridium, osmium, palladium and South rhodium.Afrika Platinum is the largest producer in the world.

Platinum is often used as a base material for the manufacture of jewelry, because Platinum is derived from strong metal, so the quality of the jewelry made of platinum base material has its own privileges, and are more expensive than white gold, gold, or silver. Type of jewelry products that can be formed from platinum base material include: ring, necklace, and bracelet.